Activities you can enjoy while staying in our ranch

Fly Fishing

Experience fly fishing the way you've always imagined it. With over fifteen miles of PRIVATE streams riddled with beaver dams and riffles, as well as five private and managed lakes, the angler can catch every species of Rocky Mountain trout in a truly remote setting.

Fly fishing enthusiasts will never tire of our fishing opportunities. From our 55-acre lake in the heart of our private valley to the streams that meander lazily through hay fields and willows teeming with wild brown trout, we can thrill the experienced or novice angler for more than a week.

Whether you prefer to fish from shore, a flat-bottom boat, or a big drift boat, we have everything you need in our very own Buffalo fly store. While the use of our boats and equipment is only part of the package, you may want to purchase flies that have been proven to catch trophy trout in our local waters.

We are a full-service lodge, proud to provide for all your needs: transportation to the rivers, the best local guides, delicious meals and snacks, comfortable and beautiful accommodations and lessons for beginners.

And remember, the Buffalo Creek experience allows you to participate in all of our ranch activities during your stay, at your own pace.

Horse riding

Whether you want to enjoy a long and slow ride between the mountains, a high speed ride with the big boys and get the adrenaline or even play Polo with our own sport team, you will enjoy all the horses that live in our ranch and in the wild here!

We offer private sessions of back horse riding with different routes for different levels. Check directly at the ranch what suits you the best and choose to enjoy a beautiful day with those lovely animals!


Hunting in the wild

Having 12 thousands acres in the wild where thousands of elk live in herd is a great advantage if you love hunting.

While we strive for the biggest and best animals possible and have an average year-over-year success rate of 95% in harvesting mature bucks and does, we believe the reason we all hunt experiences, and the "Buffalo Creek experience" is rarely surpassed. As all of our guests quickly learn, we are here for your needs.

A wide variety of hunting methods are used. Whether it is stalking or hunting in a comfortable heated blind, we are able to customize the hunt to the individual's preferences and physical abilities. All hunts are conducted by accessing the areas by vehicle and hunting on foot. Long horseback rides into "elk country" are not necessary here, elk country is right where you stay!

We strive to offer high quality gun hunts for elk, mule deer and moose. To maintain this vision, we do not offer bow or muzzleloader hunts that could interfere with our resident herds during the critical rut, and we take no more than 24 hunters per year. Rifle hunters will be pleased with this management practice, as the wildlife is abundant, there are few hunters, and often the bulls continue to bray during our hunts.

Enjoy the ranch in the snow

Our winter guests come for many reasons, but all enjoy the unparalleled quiet of the winter white woods. We invite you to start your day on the sled with our cowboys. After a hot and hearty breakfast, strap on your skis or snowshoes and enjoy the miles of groomed ski trails. The more adventurous may want to ski tour steep mountain terrain and test their telemark turns. When the day is done, don't neglect your tired body. Slip out onto the deck and soak in the hot tub under a starry sky.

The icy Buffalo Lake invites you to strap on your ice skates for a stroll. If all this didn't make you laugh, maybe a sleigh ride down our groomed hills will. It's guaranteed to bring out the child in all of us.

We'll cook you delicious hot meals, set up firewood for your lakeside campfires, scrape your ice rink, and make hot chocolate and snacks to go. All you need is a sense of adventure. Don't be surprised when you find yourself making snow angels under a sky of snowflakes, marveling at the beauty of it all.

Competitive shooting

All of our visitors are welcome to sharpen their shooting skills during their stay with us. Whether your preferred method of shooting is rifle or shotgun, we have something for you.

Our professional shooting range is a fun way to spend a few hours while enjoying the camaraderie of your lodge friends.

For the sniper enthusiasts, we also have a 700 meters rifle range. This is very convenient for our hunters, who need to adjust their rifle after a trip.

We also organize shooting competitions between our guests. The fastest, the more precise and the best one wins a great prize every Saturday!

Customers will have to pay a small fee for traps and cartridges.

Other activities

Whether you visit us for fly fishing, horseback riding, elk and mule deer hunting, or to enjoy our winter activities, you may not find time to leave our ranch. But the area has much to offer within an hour's drive:

Pro-Rodeo every summer weekend

Would it really be a ranch if you couldn't find a place to do rodeo near it? Of course not! There is a Rodeo ranch at less than 40 min car ride from our ranch. You will be able to learn how to stay longer on a furious animal that only wants to kick you out! You will also be able to participate in competitions to see who the best cowboy is!

The Pro-Rodeo takes place ever summer weekend and people from all over the country come to the Buffalo Rodeo Side to participate in one of those prestigious competitions!

Downhill Skiing in Steamboat Springs, Winter Park and Silver Creek

For the winter amateurs, you can go skiing in a few places around the ranch when there is enough snow. From November to April, you will find at least 2 feet of snow, more than enough to fully enjoy the winter sports you love the most.

Hot-air Ballooning

In our never ending beautiful landscape, you will love to feel the freedom of flying. It's a beautiful thing to do all year round except for the very cold winter, and it will bring a big smile on your face. Our professional hot air balloon pilots will even teach you the basics on how to fly properly and land at the right place, as well as anticipate the wind conditions and use them to your advantage.

Enjoy a few days in the sky to release the tension or just enjoy the view!


The adventurous will love to meet and conquer the rivers around the ranch. We provide you with everything you need and of course with the Kayak, so you can glide down the furious waters. Every summer, we organize competitions with Kayak races as well as Kayak freestyle for the more artistic ones. Enjoy the thrill, the adrenaline and the fun exercise while getting wet by spending a sunny day on a Kayak!


Whitewater rafting

This sensational activity will require a cold blood, fearless, athletic soul to survive. Well not really, but it's a very challenging sport that will give you a lot of fun and adrenaline. On a small inflatable boat you will go down the strong flow of the mountain's river, fighting with nature's power to stay dry. A lot of companies offer rafting sessions for a good price around our ranch. Their instructors will guide you through the waters and help you become a better river sailor!

Fine Dining

The Creek Beef is our very own steakhouse, it provides you with the best fresh meat you will ever taste and some of the best wines from known countries like France, Italy and Argentina. Located directly in the ranch, you will be able to enjoy a fine dining directly from there after a long exhausting day haunting, fly fishing, or kayaking.

If you want to change things up a bit, you can take the road and head over to Roadguise where a Michelin Starred restaurant awaits. The Red Lobster will welcome you with meat, sea food and one of the best pastas of the country.


Many tend to forget about it, but there are some pretty nice golf courses in Colorado. It doesn't matter if you're a pro golfer or a complete beginner, you will absolutely love to hit a few punts in this lovely place. 4 different places offer golf classes as well as drive sessions and 18 holes courts.

After a long day back horse riding, big game hunting or fly fishing, you might want to rest a bit for the next day and enjoy a nice golfing session.

Art Galleries

Close to Roadguise, you will find Santa Dophina, a small city that holds the Creature of the World every year in November. This art gallery is very known in Colorado and some very famous artists come to display their latest art to the amateurs. If you're one of them, you can book a visit directly from our office and get a discount on some of their pieces.

Let us know if you even want to display some of your art or even participate in an auction among other ruthless collectors!